Salad Olivier is known all over the world, it is also called Russian salad in some countries, but I always preferred to call it Winter Salad. Olivier is a simple must have on the holiday table, as well during a special event such as family gatherings. At Weddings Salad Olivier is a must have!


5 ea boiled medium size potatoes

3 ea boiled normal size carrots

4 ea boiled eggs

1-pound Russian or German boloney (our preference)

1 can sweet green peas

2-3 ea Vlasic or kosher pickles

1/4 cup to your taste chopped fresh dill

Salt to your taste

¾ to 1-cup olive oil mayonnaise (Calve is best; this is a Russian name brand of a mayonnaise)


The Ukrainian Style:

Boil potatoes and carrots in skin for about 20-30 minutes until you can pierce them with a fork but do not let them become to soft that you cannot chop them. Pro-tip, with the skin on, the natural structure keeps everything together and prevents them from becoming mushy. Then let them cool down and peel them when comfortable to the touch.

Chop potatoes, carrots, eggs, boloney, dill pickles into small cubes; I like pea size the best. Drain and add green peas and salt. Salt if you like, but I normally leave the salt on the shelf and not use it. You’re the taste expert, keep it simple but flavorful.

Add mayonnaise to taste. Mix the salad and refrigerate for at least one hour. Enjoy your creation with friends and family. Share your success and pass on the recipe for others to enjoy once you become a connoisseur on making this salad.

Call us or come by the store for questions or more techniques.


Many Blessings,